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Your dream wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. Motion 8 Films is the leading Indian wedding photographer Sacramento trusts to capture every priceless memory.

Sacramento is our hometown. We’ve spent more than a decade photographing its amazing locations: from the unique architecture in Old Town, the scenic panorama of the Tower Bridge, and the natural beauty of its riverfront parks, Sacramento provides a wedding and engagement moment.

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Sacramento Indian coupe hold hands while siting on the train tracks

To be a great wedding photographer requires more than a good camera. The best photography and cinematography tells a story – the story of your moments. The photos Motion 8 captures of your engagement, wedding and important ceremonies and celebrations convey how you feel so you can relive those moments forever.

The professional Motion 8 Films crew is part of the local Sacramento Indian community, giving us a unique grasp of how to best capture your Sacramento wedding, engagement and family photos and videos. Sacramento’s seasons offer an array of opportunities to capture natural beauty in your wedding’s location. Sacramento natives know how to work with seasonal sunlight patterns, which times of day provide optimal lighting and which locations will best frame your personal style.

The best wedding photographers marry the technical skills required (from working with specialized equipment to lighting and framing) with a sense for creating and recognizing special moments. Yet even with all the best elements, the best photos and videos require expert editing to amplify color elements (which are so amazing in Indian wedding ceremonies!), soften lighting, frame the final perfect angle, and more.

We are not satisfied with just good work, and you should never settle for less than perfect for your wedding photos and videos. Every wedding is a unique, creative project. Motion 8 Films ensures that your Indian Wedding Photos and Videos express the love and joy you feel throughout your most important moments.

Some of our favorite locations for capturing perfect Sacramento Sikh, Hindu, and South Asian Indian wedding ceremonies include:

Tower Bridge

It’s hard to miss the Tower Bridge when entering Sacramento. Built in 1935, the bridge connects Sacramento proper to West Sacramento. Towering 100 feet over the river, this bright golden, historic site of the city has become one of the most memorable landmarks in the region, not to mention a great backdrop for Sacramento engagement and special event photos.

Old Sacramento

With cobblestone streets, wooden walkways, horse drawn carriages and riverboats, a visit to Old Sacramento is like stepping back in time to the old west. Featuring 125 shops, restaurants and attractions, the Old Sacramento waterfront Historic District is one of the region’s most visited destinations and offers a wide array of unique locations for beautiful Sacramento wedding and engagement photos.

CSUS (California State University Sacramento)

CSUS, or known by Sacramento locals as Sacramento State (or Sac State for short), sits on 305 acres with over 3,500 trees spread throughout the campus. Named “Tree Campus USA” in 2012 by the Arbor Day Foundation, Sac State is nestled right near the Sacramento River offering a wide array of backgrounds and natural landscapes without leaving town.

California State Capitol & Capitol Park

Providing a breathtaking landscape in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, California’s Capitol Park is one of the most beautiful & well kept gardens in the state. The capitol building is surrounded by luxurious flowers and trees. From the West Capitol Steps to the World Peace Rose Garden, the park represents all beautiful aspects of the state and our city.

UC Davis Arboretum & Public Garden

The UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden is 5,300 plus acres that encompasses the historic Arboretum and the Putah Creek Riparian Reserve. This region is not only a beautiful park, it is an outdoor museum that takes you on a journey through several different ecosystems. The UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden is an expedition of nature and a stunning location for Sacramento area photos.

Golden One Center/Downtown Commons

Combining colorful, contemporary art elements with an energetic vibe, the recently expanded Downtown Commons, surrounding the Golden One Center, offers a surprisingly diverse array of opportunities to frame the modern, elegant Sacramento couple.

West Sacramento

West Sacramento is a beautiful region that encompasses farm land, trendy businesses and a magical waterfront. You can tour the corn maze at Dave’s Pumpkin Patch in the fall or find the perfect spot to capture Sacramento architecture across the river.. Cross over the historic Tower or Street Bridges to enter a whole new side of the Sacramento region.

William Land Park

William Land Regional Park is one of the most diverse and extensive parks in the Sacramento region. Encompassing over 200 acres just South of Midtown, the park offers a variety of experiences for families (including the Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town, and the small amusement park Funderland) and a wealth of photo-friendly elements including a lilypad covered pond, a variety of plant life and beautiful leaves in the fall.

Some of our favorite venues in the Sacramento Area include: