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Royal Castle Banquet Hall

The Royal Castle Banquet Hall is one of Sacramento’s most beautiful and luxurious wedding reception venues. Featuring Roman decor, this banquet hall will make you and your loved ones feel like royalty.

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About The Venue

Stepping into the Royal Castle Banquet Hall is like traveling to Rome. There is a gorgeous Trevi fountain that can be the backdrop of your dinner. There are tall white pillars that lead the path through a black tunnel to the banquet hall. Throughout the tunnel and hall there are Romanesque statues illuminated by dramatic accent lighting that sets the mood for your festivities. The grand hall has a pure marble floor and a beautiful sky-painted ceiling.

Royal Castle is extremely accommodating.They have years of experience hosting all types of events and will help ensure that your dream reception is made a reality. Their in-house staff will provide attentive and personalized service to ensure your celebration goes smoothly so you can enjoy your day and create priceless memories. They also have the latest audio & lighting equipment available for the party. The grand hall can host up to 500 guests banquet style or up to 800 people conference/concert style. Royal Castle can also provide a V.I.P suite for the happy couple.

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If you wish to book your wedding at the Royal Castle Banquet Hall or have more questions for them, fill out their contact form here.

You can also contact the venue by calling them at (916) 331-8888 or emailing them at

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