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Your wedding happens once – and we are ready to capture it perfectly. A memory for a lifetime shouldn’t be a hard choice. Motion 8 Films is the leading Indian wedding photographer Modesto trusts to deliver photos that will bring tears to your eyes in awe of the preserved memories.

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Modesto Wedding Photography

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Being a great wedding photographer not only requires a good camera but having a good sense for special moments, calculating the perfect angle of the lens and at the same time making sure the light is at the correct intensity to get that perfect shot. Constantly educating ourselves on new technology and creative lighting techniques keeps us in the best shape to face any challenges that may come up during an Indian wedding and make sure that the photos we take are of the best quality.

The final touches to each photo are applied in editing when we make sure each photo is the best it can be. We are never satisfied with just good work. we desire to make every wedding album better than the last one. We don’t believe in an express batch editing process for post-edits instead we treat every wedding as a unique creative project. Our goal is that when a couple looks at their wedding photos, they don’t only see the colors and shapes but emulate the love and joy that they felt during their wedding day.