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The celebrations surrounding your wedding, from your Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies all the way to your reception, are magical, once-in-a-lifetime experiences full of family, color, love, and joy.

Whether your ceremonies span seven days or you’ve planned a more condensed affair, you need a wedding photography and cinematography team that has the experience and skill to capture all the color and majesty of these moments with an intimate knowledge of your traditions and culture.

That’s why Motion 8 Films has come to be known as the preeminent photography and cinematography team in the greater Fresno area, encompassing Clovis, Visalia, Merced and Madera.

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The Central California region offers a wide variety of uniquely beautiful locations and elements to frame the story of your romance. From expansive fields offered by the region’s farms and natural forests of the area’s nearby national parks, the small town gone big vibe can be the backdrop that tells the story of your romance.

While we specialize in South Asian Indian Weddings, we’ve spent more than ten years creating breathtaking photos and videos of special events throughout the greater Fresno area, incorporating the landscape and location to imbue a modern, stylish overlay onto luxurious traditional ceremonies and events. 

Incorporating the use of today’s photography technology, from drones and cranes to live streaming and creative lighting and effects, has allowed us to capture the impressive expanse of the largest gatherings and the intimate beauty of private moments. We offer same-day edits of your videos to share highlights of your events with all of your guests and utilize our own dedicated hot spots to ensure your distant loved ones can experience your day with you, without relying on spotty venue WiFi. 

When you entrust your wedding photography and videography to the Motion 8 Films team, you can be sure that our professional photographers and cinematographers will feel like family.

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Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, and Fusion weddings are filled with so many moments of vibrancy and elegance and Motion 8 Films is there to capture them all.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate an agricultural family heritage or memorialize the natural beauty of your hometown, opportunities abound in the Fresno area for locations that will beautifully frame the story told by your special event photos and videos

Here are a few of our favorites.

Shinzen Japanese Garden in Woodward Park

From its breathtaking landscapes of seasonally changing trees and plants to its peace-inducing bridges, paths and waterways, the Shinzen Japanese Garden is a true gem of Fresno. While its beauty shines brightest in Spring and Fall, this tranquil garden is available year-round for showcasing the majestic colors of nature the Central Valley has to offer.

Fresno County Wine Journey

Celebrate the bounty of your love along with Fresno’s iconic wine country with a photogenic “Fresno Wine County Journey.” With many picturesque wineries to choose from along the Madera Wine Trail, this area of the valley abounds with locations for both celebrating your festivities with loved ones and capturing stunning engagement, wedding and special event photos and videos in the Fresno area. If wine tasting is your style, or you simply enjoy the beauty of Fresno’s cultivated vineyards, this area won’t disappoint.

Roeding Park

Fresno area visitors and locals alike are drawn to the natural landscapes and waterways of Roeding Park. Encompassing nearly 150 acres of lush lawns, tranquil fountains and meandering walkways, this regional park is a family favorite. There is even an area with large pillars draped in hanging vines that offers an overhead enclosure for relief from unexpected weather elements. Those seeking more exotic photo opportunities might also consider including a tour of Chaffee Zoo, located in Roeding Park, in their special event photo shoot. 

Forestiere Underground Gardens

When it comes to unique photo shoot locations in the Fresno area, there is nothing quite comparable to the Forestiere Underground Gardens. This open air museum features a subterranean complex of stone courtyards, patios and archways with a variety of flowering plants and fruit trees, offering a variety of beautiful and distinctive photo opportunities. Hand-built by Sicilian immigrant Baldassare Forestiere after settling in the region in 1901, he spent 40 years digging, chipping and crafting this amazing testament to artistic passion and vision. Celebrate Central Valley immigrant heritage with a visit to Fresno’s one-of-a-kind oasis of underground gardens.

Mural District

Fresno area natives seeking colorful, modern backdrops will find a number of opportunities for contemporary, stylish shots in Fresno’s Mural District. The majority of Fresno’s over 260 murals are located in the downtown Mural District. Showcasing the works of local artists, you’ll have a variety of backgrounds, including artwork, fountains and city-celebrating panoramas to choose from in this area of artistic celebration.

Fulton Street

A list of architecturally and photographically unique locations in the Fresno area wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the recently renovated Fulton Street promenade. From stunning stone building facades to meticulously maintained ironwork details, the street’s historic buildings alone offer a full roster of photo opportunities. Add to that the 19 historic artwork pieces and the recently added colorful steel pieces inspired by Central Valley agriculture, music and butterflies, and couples and families seeking a modern, colorful backdrop for their special event photos won’t be disappointed here.

Some of our favorite venues in the Fresno area include: