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Photo by Sikh Temple of West Sacramento

West Sacramento Gurdwara

West Sacramento Gurdwara, also known as the Sikh Temple of West Sacramento, is one of the most beautiful places of worship for the Sikh population in Northern California.

Photo by Sikh Temple of West Sacramento

About The Venue

Inaugurated in 1983, the Sikh Temple has been accommodating the fast-growing Sikh community in the greater Sacramento area for more than 35 years. When you arrive at the temple, the first thing you will see are the stunning traditional domes. This religious building is centered on a four-acre site in West Sacramento. The venue features a 15,000 square foot prayer hall and a 5,000 square foot second floor.

The community kitchen, Langar Hall, is 26,000 square feet. Plenty of room for your reception. The temple has three wedding packages to choose from: Silver, Gold & Platinum. Each package includes all the necessary ceremonies for your wedding. They only differentiate depending on what food you wish to be served.

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Contact Info

If you wish to book your wedding at the West Sacramento Gurdwara, fill out their contact form here.

You can contact the venue at (916) 371-5415 or via email at info@sikhtemple.org.


Highlights from Motion 8 Weddings at the West Sacramento Gurdwara