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The road to marriage is full of many magical moments. From the proposal and capturing the love imbued in your engagement celebration, to the joyous and colorful ceremonies that span from wedding to reception, Motion 8 Films captures every moment of these uniquely personal and once-in-a-lifetime events. Our team of dedicated photographers and cinematographers melt seamlessly into your extended family to ensure that these moments are cherished without disrupting your experience.

Yuba City and the surrounding Sutter County area have some of the lushest environments in all of Northern California, creating the ideal backdrop for your South Asian Indian Wedding ceremonies. These amazing locales have produced many of the most stunning photo and video opportunities Motion 8 has shared with our brides and their families. 

Yuba City truly transforms these moments into something magical.

The Yuba City region has become one of the premier locations for Motion 8 Films to create these unforgettable moments through artistic and authentic photography and cinematography.

Yuba City’s Premier Photographer Specializing in Indian Weddings

Bringing your memories to life in stunning photos and videos

Indian American couple hold hands and walk in the Yuba City Almond Orchards

The Yuba City / Sutter region is Northern California’s most accessible getaway locale. The rustic area is known for its amazing outdoor spaces: it’s a paradise for those who love hiking and exploring nature. 

From stunning meadows and picturesque grasslands to the beautiful Collins Lake, the Yuba Sutter region is rich with gorgeous scenery. This unique area of California is also home to world-class wineries and incredible farmlands. Whether you are a local to Yuba or visiting the region, this land is the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Motion 8 has spent over ten years specializing in South Asian Indian Weddings. Over the last decade, our team has brought that expertise to Yuba City, Chico and the surrounding areas. Our team knows where the perfect locations are no matter the season. 

The Motion 8 Films team is part of the South Asian Indian community and the cultural beauty and vibrancy are reflected in your photos and videos.

Motion 8 Films not only brings this knowledge and work experience to all of your events. Motion 8 brings the best photography and videography equipment. We are fully prepared for all the possible “amazing shot” possibilities, no matter if we are adventuring into the Sutter Buttes for engagement photos or if we are setting up cameras for your grand entrance to your reception. Motion 8 offers top-tier service for all your wedding needs.

Happy engaged couple hold each other and smile while in the Yuba City's Almond Orchards

We have photographed and created videos for Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, and Fusion weddings for over ten years. Motion 8 understands your needs and all the celebrations that will take place during your engagement, and wedding. 

If you are looking to capture your upcoming wedding or engagement moments in the Yuba City area, here are some of our favorite, most picturesque locations:

Yuba Almond Orchards

Yuba Almond Orchard is located near Plumas Lake in Yuba City, California. Consisting of 185 acres of young almond trees, it is one of the most photogenic locations in the area. If you catch these stunning orchards at the right time of season, these unique and show-stoppping trees can transform your photos into something magical.

The Sutter Buttes

One of the most well known areas of the Yuba Sutter region is The Sutter Buttes. This landscape is famous for its small, circular complex of eroded volcanic lava domes which rise as buttes above the flat plains of Sutter County. This unique desert backdrop found in The Sutter Buttes creates an incredible backdrop for romantic and unforgettable photos.

Sutter Farmland

Sutter County is home to numerous farms – world leaders in the production of rice, walnuts, almonds, prunes and other flavorful specialty crops. Couples celebrating the bounty of the region reap the unique majesty offered by these sweeping vistas. Not only do these farmlands offer Yuba City a cornicopia of local produce, they are an area filled with rustic and beautiful scenery. Many of these farms are available for rent for events such as receptions or engagement parties.

Sutter Bike & Hiking Trails

Any experienced outdoor enthusiast will regale you with stories of the amazing trails in the Yuba City / Sutter region. From the Black Swan Trail to the Bobelaine Sanctuary Loop, the region features diverse landscapes – it’s lush county. These natural, lush areas of life create an ideal location for couples looking to highlight the pure, organic nature of their love. Yuba Sutter’s many bike and hiking trails are excellent locations for those looking to capture the beauty of their local green spaces.

Plumas Street Shopping District

If you are looking for a unique, small town flavor for your photos, the Plumas Street Shopping District is a perfect choice. The historic Plumas Street is located in the heart of Yuba City and is home to a wide variety of locally owned boutiques. When the gorgeous neon lights of the Sutter Theatre and the old fashioned street lamp posts are on, this area will make you feel like you’re waltzing through a classic romance film.

Ellis Lake Park

Located in Marysville, not far from Yuba City, is Ellis Lake Park. Featuring a beautiful manmade lake that sits within the lush public Park, this is a popular location for strolling, relaxing, and capturing amazing Yuba City photos. This stunning park is filled with amazing greenery which makes it perfect for achieving an ideal engagement photo without adventuring too far into the outdoors. One of the most iconic landmarks of this park is a bridge that connects the park’s mainland to Gazebo Island and North Ellis Lake Island. Take a romantic stroll to feel like you’ve landed in a fairytale.

Some of our favorite venues in the Yuba City area include: