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Videos for your Wedding and Special Events

Motion 8 Films professional videography and cinematography services capture every detail of your wedding & special events, creating a cinematic movie you can relive over and over again.

We are your local Indian wedding photography and videography professionals that you can trust to artfully and respectfully capture the most important moments of your life.

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Amazing videography for your South Asian Indian Wedding allows you to relive every moment – particularly those moments you missed or that seemed to go by in the blur of your emotional, whirlwind day. An entertaining and moving video of your Indian wedding is only possible when you combine technical expertise, cultural knowledge and experience. 

Motion 8 has a decade worth of all three. 

As Indian videographers, we know how to apply movie-making skills to culturally significant events.

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The best Indian Wedding Videography is art in and of itself.

At Motion 8 Films, we use our wedding cinematography skills to craft video moments into a cinematic experience so that you can enjoy the moments of your once-in-a-lifetime ceremonies for years to come. 

We believe that your engagement and wedding highlight video is a movie trailer to your love story.

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Typical wedding videographers are accustomed to showing up on the day of your ceremony for a few hours of wedding ceremony followed immediately by a reception. Imagine trying to convey the needs of a traditional South Asian Indian wedding to an unaccustomed, non-native photographer.

At Motion 8 Films, we specialize in capturing multiple events over several days. You have us from the moment we start an engagement shoot through the last moment of your reception. 

Our wedding videography services are available to capture every moment that you want to memorialize forever.

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Wedding films are about showcasing the love of the groom and bride.

The Motion 8 team of wedding photographers and videographers understand how to capture not just the frames but the story of your day and your love.

From the technical elements of lighting, framing, specialty equipment to the artistic elements of scene setting and editing that conveys your unique personality, we make your wedding movie a uniquely personal and unforgettable experience.

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Our clients love the wedding video services we provide. From creating teaser videos to long-form wedding films, we deliver premium content with a reliably quick turnaround time. 

One of our previous clients stated that our “video made the event larger than life.”

Read other reviews and testimonials from our clients here.

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The Motion 8 Films team is based out of Sacramento, California but we service all locations in Northern California and beyond. 

Our team has been a part of wedding photography and videography shoots in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Yuba City, Stockton, Fresno, and countless other regions.

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No matter the location, our wedding photographer/videographer team will masterfully film your wedding ceremonies, your engagement celebration, and other special events of your life.

Contact us today for a personal consultation and quote.

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Same Day & Next Day Edits

We understand that we live in a fast-moving world. 

That is why our wedding video production team specializes in same & next day edits to wedding videos so that you can enjoy sharing magical moments from more intimate or smaller gatherings with the whole of your wedding party at the reception, whether they’re in person or thousands of miles away. 

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When each hour of your wedding flies by in a flash, having a highlight film to enjoy the next day – or even the same day in some circumstances – allows you to more fully enjoy and experience these precious moments while also offering you the opportunity to share them immediately with loved ones that were unable to be present at previous day events.

Sikh Wedding Videos

Motion 8 Films has been the most trusted Indian wedding photography and videography services provider for over a decade.

We have been entrusted by countless fellow members of our Sikh community to film their weddings, engagement celebrations, and the many events and celebrations encompassed therein.

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We have filmed weddings at all the major gurdwaras in Northern California, so we are very familiar with each of these unique and revered locations.

From the Anand Karaj to the reciting of the verse of the laavan, every aspect of your wedding will be artfully filmed.

Hindu Wedding Videos

Our Indian videographers are uniquely skilled at filming and presenting your Hindu wedding moments in a way that honors your personality. 

We can transform your Hindu wedding into a larger-than-life Hollywood film, encapsulate the charm and happiness of your modern love story, convey the elegance of your glamorous affair, or even imbue your Hindu wedding film with the solemnity of your intimate moments.

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Whether it’s when the bride’s family applies the mark to the groom’s forehead during the tilak ceremony or the moment when the bride arrives at the mandap, the Motion 8 Films team will capture every moment to ensure it’s unforgettable.

Muslim Wedding Videos

From the moment the bride and groom share a piece of fruit following the Nikah ceremony to the reading from the Quran, to every joyous moment of your reception, the Motion 8 Films team will be there to ensure that nothing you want to remember forever is forgotten.

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Our cultural sensitivity makes us uniquely well suited to melt into the background of your intimate gatherings while ensuring that we don’t miss a moment of your special day.

So while you don’t need to add a seat for us at your Walima, your guest may just think our crew is part of the family.

Fusion Wedding Videos

We love seeing two individuals from different cultures come together.

Due to our experience with a wide variety of weddings and the videography skills they require, we can easily adapt to your individual needs. 

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Whether you are combining Muslim and Hindu ceremonies or blending a traditional Western wedding with the unique ceremonies of a Sikh one, Motion 8’s wedding photography and videography team will ensure your fusion wedding is beautifully captured.

Engagement Videos

Every journey has a beginning and we love to start the movie experience of your love story with an epic engagement video shoot. 

Whether you prefer an idyllic natural setting, a more contemporary street feel, or a backdrop that means something special to you (such as the farm where you met, the winery you love to visit or the park you enjoy hiking in together), Motion 8 Films is adept at capturing vibrant engagement celebration videos in whatever lighting and location setting you desire.

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We make engagement photo shoots into larger-than-life films with our videography and cinematography services. The Motion 8 team will help you to choose the location and concept development that embodies your unique personalities and relationship so that we can create a film that showcases your love.

Wedding Reception Videos

There is no better place to capture the magic of a match well made than at your wedding reception.

Our professional videography experts will beautifully film every toast, every dance, and all the smiles and intimate glances from your wedding reception and transform them into an unforgettable movie that is uniquely yours. 

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You’ve taken the last months – maybe even years – planning every detail of the most amazing party you’ll ever host. Make sure you have a video that embodies the celebration and energy so that you can relive those moments over and over.

Destination Wedding Videos

Whether your ceremony is taking place at a temple in India or on a beach at a tropical resort, our wedding videography services will travel anywhere you desire to ensure that your wedding and reception videos are as special as your love.

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At Motion 8, we understand that South Asian Indian Weddings can take place at several locations and we are uniquely equipped to make sure travel coordination doesn’t stand in the way of creating your ideal wedding video.

Mehndi Party Videos

We try not to choose favorites, but we must admit that Mehndi parties are some of our favorite events to film. The vibrant colors, the intricate henna designs, the joyful energy – all of these elements combine to create unforgettable movie moments filled with laughter, fun and love.

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Our Indian wedding photographers and videographers understand that Mehndi is about the little details and intimacy among the bride’s closest loved ones. Having the Motion 8 Film team at your Mehndi will allow you to enjoy these special moments of vibrant celebration over and over. 

When one day your daughter asks you about your most memorable wedding moments, you’ll be able to share this amazing party with her and relive it all over again. 

Sangeet Videos

Let the celebrations begin with your epic Sangeet party! 

Music, dancing, smiles, and laughter – your Sangeet can showcase your fun side, particularly if you have a professional Indian Wedding videographer on-site to transform the video of these raucous moments into a Bollywood-style movie masterpiece.

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When your family and friends spend weeks rehearsing a coordinated dance number, you definitely don’t want to miss a moment of their spectacular performance.

Baraat Videos

Your Baraat is the groom’s time to shine! 

Our wedding photographers/videographers love capturing this joy-filled ceremony, making it an excellent start to your wedding ceremony video.

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Whether it’s his style to ride in on a horse or in a brand new luxury sports car, Motion 8 Films will memorialize his big moment in tune to the feel his Baraat exudes, whether it’s a solemn formality or chart-topping music video.

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Choosing an Indian Wedding Videographer to capture your engagement, wedding, reception and every moment in between is one of the most important decisions of your wedding planning process. We have over a decade of experience helping brides and grooms get exceptional movies made from their amazing wedding moments while staying within their budget.

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We have been incredibly fortunate to work with our beloved clients and their families year after year, as their families grow and they celebrate life’s most beautiful moments: maternity video shoots, newborn celebration movies, even capturing special birthdays and events – we love every opportunity to be there for your moments of joy.

Growing our professional portfolio from wedding videography to Indian wedding videography and cinematography, to family and special event videography has been an unbelievably rewarding experience.