Indian Wedding Photography

Photography for your Priceless Moments

At Motion 8 Films, we have one goal: to tell your remarkable love story. 

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime milestone, the start of a new chapter in your shared life story. We want to make sure every moment, every emotion is masterfully captured.

Photography for a wedding is an artistic endeavor like no other, requiring a meticulous attention to detail to ensure no cherished memories are left unmemorialized – as well as an artist’s eye for framing, lighting and detail and a professional’s skill with technical tools of the photographer’s trade.

Our wedding photography work is a blend of technical professionalism and unique artistry. Not only do we know how best to integrate photography and videography tools, we understand how to turn your special event photos into romantic pieces of art. 

Our clients favorite word to review our photography is “AMAZING.”

Your wedding photos will be full of creativity and beauty while highlighting your personality and celebrating your style. We treat our clients like extended family and blend seamlessly into your wedding party, creating a sense of comfort that allows us to unobtrusively capture all your special moments.

While we have had the good fortune to photograph and create videos for all manner of engagement, wedding, family and special events for all cultures, we have been specializing in South Asian Indian, Hindu and Sikh weddings for over ten years. This personal and professional experience gives us an intimate knowledge of all the events that can occur during a South Asian Indian wedding.

We are fully prepared to capture every moment of your wedding story, from enagagement photos that showcase your unique, personal interests and passions; Mehndi ceremony photos that allow your intricate and stunning henna to shine; and reception photos that capture every colorful, joyous dancing moment.

Over the past ten years working with Northern California brides and grooms, their friends and families, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence while cultivating a relationship of trust and comfort with our clients. 

We are from this community. Our staff blends seamlessly with your party, leading many of our bride and groom families to proclaim that we are “just like part of the family!”

While we are based in Sacramento and serve the greater Northern California area (including San Francisco, the Bay Area, Napa Valley, Chico, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, and more), we also travel the world to capture once-in-a-lifetime photos and videos of destination weddings. Tropical locations like Hawaii and Mexico are particularly popular and create an amazing backdrop to highlight the vibrancy of your wedding and reception photos.

When you pair unforgettable locations with vibrant, joyous events you have the opportunity to get truly stunning photos. All it takes is finding a wedding photographer that is able to tell your story and honor your unique style without getting in the way of your experience. 

That is what we live for.

Sikh Wedding Photos

Over the past decade, we’ve had the privilege to work with hundreds of Northern California Sikh couples to capture the many days of joy and celebrations of their Sikh Wedding ceremonies. We adore the colorful elements, the music, the family and community focus. As part of the Sikh community ourselves, we have a fundamental understanding of when solemn moments at the Temple require a more reverent energy and when we can imbue the memories of your Mehndi Party and Sangeet with the energetic, buoyant fun you experience in them.

Hindu Wedding Photos

Colorful and exquisitely detailed, Hindu Weddings offer us the opportunity to revel in capturing all the textures, from the embroidery of your Lengha to the sparkle of your Tikka and all the stunning jewels and flowers that abound. Our team knows how to engage respectfully with your family for your intimate Ganesh Pooja, and by the time you reach your reception your guests will feel like we are part of the family.

Muslim Wedding Photos

From the intimate moments of your Nikah to the sumptuous table of your Walima, and for every joyful moment of your reception, we will embrace and embody the joy and beauty of all of your Muslim Wedding ceremonies and experiences. Your wedding will be as unique as your love, and Motion 8 will be there to ensure that no detail is left to just memory.

Fusion Wedding Photos

No wedding embodies the marriage of two unique individuals better than a Fusion Wedding. We love that every Fusion Wedding photography experience is different depending on the traditions and styles of each distinctive bride and groom, offering the Motion 8 Films team an opportunity to artistically capture a variety of details, decor and events with every Fusion Wedding we have the opportunity to be a part of.

Mehndi Party Photos

When you combine a rainbow of brilliantly clad guests; lush, comfy decor; intricately gorgeous henna designs; and loving, happy friends and family, we are all in. With joyful music and dancing, delectable food, and of course – the beautiful bride and her nearest and dearest having henna designs artfully applied, this is a party you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. Make sure you have professional Mehndi photos that encapsulate the feel of these moments so you can relive them for years to come.

Sangeet Photos

Nothing makes an unforgettable party like a Sangeet. Music, dancing, lights and colorful decor – when you can’t stop smiling you know you’re going to enjoy looking back on the unforgettable photos. This is why you want to ensure that you choose a professional photographer for your Sangeet – to ensure the framing is right to capture the Bollywood movie experience, from jeweled shoes to flowing saris and cheering, happy friends and families.

Baraat Photos

Whether your procession includes the groom riding in on a horse, an elephant, or a luxury automobile, your Baraat is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss a moment of pomp and flair so that you can relive the excitement and joy for many years to come. Marrying a variety of elements – from unpredictable weather and outdoor lighting to accounting for what can be an impressive crowd, Motion 8 Films has decades of experience ensuring that photos of your Baraat turn out as memorable as the experience itself.

Wedding Reception Photos

Your wedding reception is likely to be the most uniquely personal event of your wedding. From family and friends feasting and reveling, to romantic moments of dance and shared reflection, your reception will fly by in a blur of happy moments and celebration. The Motion 8 Films team will capture every special experience so you can enjoy your party to the fullest, knowing that we won’t miss a moment.

Destination Wedding Photography

When you combine beautiful, exotic locales with the elements we love of South Asian Indian Weddings, you have us in at aloha – or whatever welcome word is spoken at your destination wedding. Whether it’s your dream to celebrate on a sparkling beach, at a magnificent castle, or in a secluded mountain getaway, Motion 8 Films can’t wait to pack our bags and join you to capture every unforgettable moment.

Engagement Photos

What we love most about the opportunity to capture engagement photos for our clients is the unique experiences and scenery we are able to integrate to showcase our couple’s personal interests, hobbies and relationships. Whether you enjoy walks in the woods, days spent on the farm, sports, wine tasting, or are simply looking to showcase the city where your love bloomed, engagement photo shoots offer a myriad of fabulous opportunities to capture unforgettable photos that tell the story of you and your love.

Choosing an Indian Wedding Photographer to capture your engagement, wedding, reception and every moment in between is one of the most important decisions of your wedding planning process. We have over a decade of experience helping brides and grooms get exceptional photo keepsakes from their amazing wedding moments while staying within their budget.

Unforgettable Service

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We have been fortunate to be able to work with our cherished clients and their families year after year, as their families grow and they celebrate life’s most beautiful moments: maternity photo shoots, newborn photos, special birthdays and events, annual family photo shoots – we love every opportunity to be there for your moments of joy.

Growing our professional portfolio from wedding photography to Indian wedding photography, to family and special event photography has been the most rewarding experience.