Professional Indian Wedding Photography and Videography Services

Our Services for Weddings and other special events

Motion 8 specializes in elegant wedding photography and cinematography services uniquely suited to Indian Wedding ceremonies.

Same Day Edits

We offer same and next day video editing services so you can share the moments from your pre-wedding ceremonies with guests at your reception and distant loved ones.

Cinematic Highlight Videos

Motion 8 allows you to relive all the magical moments of your ceremony & celebrations in one crisply edited, smooth, cinematic highlight video.

Live Stream

Include friends and family that can’t be with you in person, and those without a front-row view, in real time unobtrusive live stream.

Dedicated Hot Spots

Don’t allow unreliable venue Wi-Fi to derail your ability to include guests near and far. Motion 8 offers dedicated hot spots for reliable live streaming.

Feature Wedding Films

We craft extended feature films, seamlessly weaving the footage of your ceremonies and events into your own personal wedding feature film.

Specialty Equipment

Whether you’d like majestic aerial shots or sweeping, dramatic angles, we have the drones, cranes and latest cinematography equipment skills to create film art.

Showcasing your Beauty and Style with

Engagement Photos

From classic to whimsical, Motion 8 engagement shoots showcase your unique personalities & interests while artistically capturing the look of your love.

Your wedding is just the beginning of your lives together. Motion 8 allows you to capture the moments, big and small, in full color art with a variety of family photo experiences.

Making your Memories Last a Lifetime with

Family & Event Photos

Whether it’s annual family photos, a milestone birthday or a baby shower, our Motion 8 team loves being there to make memories with you.

Celebrating the Joy of your Growing Family with

Maternity Photos

Celebrate your growing family with photos and videos that capture the glow and joy of the days when two will soon become three.

Capturing Fleeting Baby Moments with

Newborn Photos

Precious moments are fast coming when babies are involved. Motion 8 captures the tiny toes, the sweet cheeks, and sleepy smiles so you can relive these moments for a lifetime.