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Parkview Event Place

Couples with dreams of an outdoor wedding celebration filled with glamour and beautiful views should add Parkview Event Place to their shortlist. This gorgeous outdoor venue offers tranquility and romance in the South Fresno countryside.

Photo By Parkview Event Place

About The Venue

Nestled in the country just South of Fresno, The Parkview Event Place lives up to its name. Its open-air courtyard is surrounded by stunning views framed by sweeping, clear blue skies (weather permitting, of course!). Walking into the courtyard will make you feel like you are entering a fairytale. This large area is perfect for an engagement party or a wedding reception. Parkview Event Place also features 3 beautiful gazebos, perfect for photo ops. 

Its expansive dance floor will leave you and your guests reveling into the night, with plenty of room to demonstrate your well-honed moves. The location offers two suites for the bride and groom to get ready and relax with their parties, plenty of parking for all of your friends and family and even a playground for your younger guests to burn off some energy before or after your ceremony.

When it comes to event planning, the Parkview Event Place team will make the process of booking and planning your celebration as easy as possible. Their seasoned experts will help you to achieve the once-in-a-lifetime wedding of your dreams while ensuring you the best value for your budget.

Learn more about having a wedding at the Parkview Event Place here.

Contact Info

If you wish to book your wedding at the Parkview Event Place or have more questions for them, contact them here.

You can also call them at (559) 933-9999 or send them an email at

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