Photo By Deshmesh Darbar Sikh Temple Lodi

Deshmesh Darbar Sikh Temple Lodi

For those looking to have a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, the Deshmesh Darbar Sikh Temple in Lodi is one of the most holy and beautiful locations in Northern California.

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Photo By Deshmesh Darbar Sikh Temple Lodi

About The Venue

The Deshmesh Darbar Sikh has been servicing the fast growing population of Sikhs in both Lodi and Stockton regions for years. This stunning venue is a community center that focuses on helping others. One of their key services is providing a location and spiritual guides for traditional Sikh wedding ceremonies. The temple staff are friendly members of the community that understand a wedding can be stressful. They’ll ensure that every aspect of your ceremonies will be attended to and run smoothly.

When you enter this 14,000 square feet temple, the first thing you will notice are two 7,000-pound golden domes that measure 20 feet in diameter and 20 feet high. These amazing gold domes complement the beautiful architecture of the building, along with the gorgeous marble archway you’ll enter through. There is also plenty of parking for a large number of guests and for the groom’s entrance in the Baraat ceremony.

Learn more about having a wedding at the Deshmesh Darbar Sikh Temple here.

Contact Info

If you wish to book your wedding at the Deshmesh Darbar Sikh Lodi or have more questions for them, you can contact the temple here.

You can also call them at (209) 368-5177 or by emailing them at

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