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Aria Dining and Banquets

Right in the backdrop of Silicon Valley is Aria Dining and Banquets Fine Indian Cuisine. It’s not just a location with amazing food, it’s a stunning banquet hall that can host any event you can think of. Including your upcoming wedding.

About The Venue

Also referred to just as Aria Dining and Banquets, this unique venue is almost unmatched to any like it in the Bay Area. The banquet hall can accommodate more than 500 guests. Perfect a large wedding! The decor is unbelievable with Venentian ceilings, stunning chandeliers, large brass doors and a state of the art lighting setup. As well as a beautiful bridal suite for the Bride and her bridesmaids to relax in before the festivities.

There are several bonuses when booking at Aria. Including the amazing catering service that features a vast array of delicious Indian food. On top of that, Aria has an in-house DJ. By booking at this venue, you can knock not just one but three must haves off your wedding to-do list.

Learn more about theAria Dining & Banquets Fine Indian Cuisine here.

Contact Info

If you wish to book your wedding at the Aria Dining and Banquets or have more questions for them, fill out their contact form here.

You can also contact the venue at (408) 941-1700 or

Highlights from Motion and Weddings at the Aria Dining and Banquets